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Mission Statement

With the highest degree of professionalism, we at Extruded Aluminum Corporation will provide our customers with a quality product and the service to aid them in meeting their production requirements.

We are committed in continually improving our quality and processes to be more competitive and successful, allowing further growth of our company and it’s employees.

Why Choose Extruded Aluminum Corporation?

We offer a complete line of extrusions, from standard shapes in raw lineals, to complex custom extrusions fully fabricated and finished, to your exact specifications. We supply product to a diversified customer base, such as: automotive, furniture, marine, government, construction, electronics, sporting equipment and utilities.

In the highly competitive business of aluminum extrusions, you can be among the leaders, or one of the many followers. As our world becomes more of an ever increasing global economy, companies must develop innovative ways of setting themselves ahead of the rest. We, as an ISO 9001:2000 registered extruder, provide material that consistently meets or exceeds, our customers and industry standards. At Extruded Aluminum Corporation, we are always looking for that next challenge. For over 60 years, we’ve gone out of our way to attract the tough extrusions—the projects the others shy away from. This outlook keeps our systems, processes, and equipment on the cutting edge.

30 Years of Excellence

Extruded Aluminum Corporation has been privately owned and operated since 1987. However, the history of our company goes back to us being one of the first extrusion companies in the United States.

Quality Policy

We at Extruded Aluminum Corporation are committed to the continuous improvement of our process and products. We will achieve this through training, established quality objectives, and being certified as an ISO 9001 supplier. It is our goal to provide material that consistently meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers and industry standards.



Extruded Aluminum Corporation
7200 Industrial Drive
Belding, MI 48809
Phone: (616) 794-0300
Fax: (616) 794-0879
Email: eac@extrudedaluminum.com